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Thanks to the variety of in-store display systems available on the Beegris marketplace I was able to

plan and launch my retail business in record time and with optimized budget!

Dream Big. Act Beegris.

Beegris is a unique destination: an international marketplace where Industrial Design and Engineering Firms offer production-ready solutions for retail organizations. Worldwide.

This means that if you're in the retail business, this is where you'll find the widest and most cost-effective variety of Point of Purchase (P.O.P) Display Systems, Packaging Solutions, and more.

Just think of the brand name itself. Beegris is a new kind of animal – industrious like a Bee and focused like a Tigris.

A formidable combination that accurately represents the passion of the people behind this destination for creating new value opportunities for the entire retail ecosystem.

It's this very passion that makes THIS marketplace a true manifestation of Win-Win-Win opportunity:

DESIGN & ENGINEERING FIRMS simply upload their portfolio pieces and get immediate international business exposure!

RETAIL BUSINESS OWNERS & OPERATORS get access to unlimited types of retail-store solutions, and the right to royalty-free production of them. The type of top creative solutions that, until now, were exclusively available only to large organizations with big budgets. No need to 'reinvent the wheel', so to speak (design such systems from scratch), and no need to waste time on solution-development stages!

PRODUCTION & MANUFACTURING PLANTS save time and money on generating solutions for their customers. Just review and select the product you are looking for, add any modifications required by your client – and go to production!

As a designer, this market place has opened a whole new international client-base for my studio, and a way to re-sell items from my existing portfolio multiple times.

It is revenue boost I could not have created otherwise

As a Retail Business Owner, 1 click gets you a ready-for-production solution best suited for your needs. The items you purchase here are Digital Assets that include 2D and 3D files with which to go to production – or bid for manufacturing quotes from relevant production vendors of your choice.

Now I can select in-store display systems from designers around the world

- and offer them to my retail clients fast and easy

Most P.O.P systems to date are the result of 1-off projects in which design & engineering firms had delivered P.O.P solutions in the service of specific clients. However now, through the Beegris marketplace, these same design sources can present and sell their original designs to more clients, worldwide – as is, or by adding modifications in case any new client indicates the need for them.

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