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Design of a branded display and sales facility for Chino brand containers, combining high brand visibility and functional solutions.

Inspired by IDEA Retail Branding


Inspiration project: The design thinking behind the branded display and sales facility for containers of the Chino brand (ice coffee) is to combine high brand visibility and prominence with functional and serviceable solutions. The display device provides the necessary visibility while minimizing the amount of space it takes up in the crowded sales environment. It wraps around the containers with a minimum protrusion on the sides while utilizing the areas above and below it to highlight the brand. Additionally, the facility has the option of adding a storage unit for drink cup sleeves and a storage area for product powders. Two structural configurations have been developed for the facility: floor and counter that allow the product to be used in various points of sale. The design provides an efficient, eye-catching solution that allows the product to stand out from the crowd and increase sales.

Product Details

  • Category
  • Subcategories
    Soft Drink Other
  • Types
    Counter Display Floor Display
  • Division
  • Materials
    Metal- Shett metal Metal-Tubing Metal-Wire Plastic-ABS
  • Technologies
    Digital Printing Laser Cutt-Metal Metal-Welding Vacum Forming
  • Owner
    IDEA Retail Branding
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