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Concepts for ice cream freezers that create a fun and effective shopping experience

Inspired by IDEA Retail Branding


Inspiration project: This project seeks to create an attractive, engaging, and functional design for ice cream freezers in food chains. Utilizing three design concepts, each inspired by a different theme, the project aims to draw attention from customers from afar, orient them within the category, and ultimately improve their shopping experience. Combining structural design, formal atmospheric design, and functional signage, the project seeks to create an enjoyable and intuitive shopping experience that encourages customers to explore the various products available. Through this design, customers are able to navigate their way through the category, find the brands and products they are looking for, and discover new and complementary products. By creating an attractive, engaging, and functional design, this project seeks to bring the joy of an ice cream parlor, fantasy world of games, or fair and carnival to the shopping experience.

Product Details

  • Category
    POP Stand
  • Subcategories
    Grocery Merchandise Other
  • Types
    Full Category Product Glorifier Sign Other
  • Division
  • Materials
    Aluminium Dibond Glass Metal- Shett metal Metal-Tubing Metal-Wire Plastic-ABS Textile Wood-MDF
  • Technologies
    C.N.C cutt Digital Printing Laser Cutt-Metal Laser Cutt-Wood Metal-Welding Vacum Forming
  • Owner
    IDEA Retail Branding
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